Press Grouped by Project
Real Estate Weekly. May 5th, 1999
Conde Nast Traveler. September, 1999
Oculus. March, 2000
Metropolitan Home. May-June 2000
Oculus. January, 2001
New York. February 5th, 2001
Conde Nast Traveler. May, 2001
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. April 10th, 2002
Salon Interior (Russian). September, 2002
Better Homes and Gardens. June, 2003
Metropolitan Home. May-June 2000
Travel + Leisure. June, 2000
The Villager. August 14th, 2002
The Villager. August 21st, 2002
New York Construction News. October, 2002
Real Estate New York. Nov-Dec 2002
New York. December 16th, 2002
New York Real Estate Journal. May 27th, 2003
House and Garden. June, 2003
The New Look. Fall 2003
The Architects Newspaper. November 10th, 2003
New York Magazine . September 15th, 2008
Weimarer Allgemeine (German). September 16th, 2000
New York Times Magazine. April 28th, 1985
Interior Design. October, 1985
Architectural Record. July, 1986
Progressive Architecture. July, 1986
Building Stone Magazine. July-August 1986
The New York Times. July 15th, 1973
Apartment Life. September, 1974
A. I. A. Journal. November, 1974
Building Progress. August, 1975
Materials News. Jan-Feb 1978
Solar Action in and Around New York City. Fall 1980
Architectural Record. September, 1981
Housing. November, 1981
Metropolis. June, 1982
Architecture, The A.I.A. Journal. October, 1983
Restoring Old Buildings for Contemporary Uses. 1986
Remodeling Magazine. June, 1986
New York Post. January 21st, 1983
Professional Builder. March, 1983
American Banker. May 2nd, 1983
Buildings. June, 1983
Architecture, the A.I.A. Journal. October, 1983
La Presse, Montreal. February 11st, 1984
Decormag (Canada). July-August 1984
American Architecture: The State of the Art in the 80s. 1985
The New York Observer. November 12nd, 2001
New York Construction News. September, 2003
The New York Times. May 30th, 2004
New York Sun. June 14th, 2004
New York Real Estate Journal. July 13rd, 2004