Brooklyn, NY
Two Trees Management
Architectural Design

Located on Water and Front Streets in Brooklyn, NY, this project is an excellent example of a contextual "in-fill" building in a richly textured urban fabric. The neighborhood is called "DUMBO" (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), a new vibrant neighborhood on the Downtown Brooklyn waterfront. The surrounding buildings, small 19th century warehouses and large early 20th century manufacturing lofts, have been converted into housing and office space. The subject project however, was the first new building in the community. The design of the building establishes a new residential presence in the neighborhood. Brick is the primary exterior building material. The facade has been richly ornamented with subtle brick articulation and detailing, recalling earlier historic buildings. This detailing has added interest and texture to a New York City vernacular of brick, poured in place concrete, and exposed eyebrows.

Most apartments have some outdoor space, either large roof gardens or French balconies that become a major design feature of the facade. The massing of the building derives directly from New York City's new contextual zoning guidelines, which have been developed so that new buildings reinforce the surrounding context rather than intrude upon it.

Design Award of Merit - Housing . Society of American Registered Architects - California, 2002
Housing Design Award - Honorable Mention. Boston Society of Architects/AIA, 2002
Design Award for Excellence. Society of American Registered Architects, 2002
California Council Professional Design Awards- Part II. Sarascope. Issue 2002
National Professional Design Awards 2002. Sarascope. January-February 2003