Falls Mill Apartments
Falls Mill Apartments
Norwich, CT
Architectural Design
Project Size
120,000 gsf

This residential complex is an outstanding example of the brick mill architecture that became a kind of industrial vernacular in New England during the Nineteenth Century. The renovation preserves the integrity of the mill buildings while adapting them for an entirely new purpose: residential use. The Mill’s major buildings date from 1883 and are on the Yantic River at the base of the Yantic Falls, which provided the water power for the spindles and looms that produced awning cloth and duck in that period. The site is part of an historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

SBJGroup’s design creates 120 rental apartments in approximately 120,000 sf; emphasizing the existing structure: masonry walls, heavy timber framing, 4” thick plank floors, the orderly rhythym of the windows. New elements are spare and relate cleanly with the old. The apartments are generally duplex and triplex schemes with interesting layouts and spatial qualities.

Along the river’s edge the original dyeworks were redesigned as a recreation and social center. Adjacent areas became three-level townhouses, and at the center of the mill, the former powerhouse is now an office and museum.

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