Gotham Hotel
Manhattan, NYC
Nova-Park Associates

Stephen B. Jacobs’ work at the Gotham Hotel was two-pronged: A major retrofit and upgrading of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems throughout the building was one aspect of project, which also included repairing and cleaning the decorative façade; reworking the reception, kitchen and lobby areas; replacing all the windows; and renovating all the guestrooms.

More noticeably from the street, Jacobs designed three new floors as an addition to the roof of the hotel. At the 21st floor he added a health club with exercise rooms, locker rooms, massage areas, showers, saunas and steam rooms as well as offices and a beauty salon. This club connects to a 22nd floor indoor pool enclosed in a glass and aluminum structure, at the time the pool had a bar, restaurant and north and south terraces. The rooftop was conceived as a seasonal, outdoor restaurant next to a year-round, glass-enclosed bar overlooking the sundeck below. All three of the uppermost floors are connected via an ornamental staircase on the north side of the building.

In its newer incarnation as the Peninsula Hotel, Jacobs’ basic design still drives the popular rooftop bar and exclusive upper floor recreation areas.