St. Charles Condominium
St. Charles Condominium
Manhattan, NYC

St. Charles Condominium at Striver's Row, Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York, NY


This project involved creating 120 units of new affordable infill housing in the Stryver's Row Historic District. The basic architectural elements of the district, including scale, materials, massing and style have been reinterpreted in a contemporary manor, creating a sensitive extension to the historic district. The new houses are a reinvention of the four story New York Brownstone. In this case, each house is shared by two families occupying an upper or lower duplex. Each dwelling unit is entered directly through the street with no public halls or lost common space.

Best Housing, New Construction. New York Society of Architects, 1994
Design Citation. New York Society of Architects, 1994
Award for Design Excellence. American Institute of Architects - New York, 1994