Mansfield Hotel
Manhattan, NYC
Interior Design
At the boutique Mansfield Hotel, Andi Pepper designed the new prototype for the 124 guestrooms. Pepper’s clever millwork creates closets, desk space and storage cabinets, all matching a luscious headboard. Dark wood panel doors slide open to reveal a washing sink, and pocket doors hide the bathroom. Pepper has built in a setee at the bay window with high-contrast black and ecru materials; on a dark wood base she’s laid comfy cushions which sit on huge overstuffed pillows- black pearl velour and big cotton prints. In the lounge downstairs, Pepper’s new design works with the existing architecture, which includes crown moldings, a marble-mantel fireplace and a ceiling exactly the height of the room’s square dimensions. Pepper designed beautiful wood paneling to create the library shelving. She added tables topped with game boards (chess, backgammon, cribbage) and a central table hides four ottoman seats. Pepper designed a black iron chandelier with glass globes in the center of the space; similar sconces suggest gas-lit lighting. A thick carpet with a soft brown and blue pattern adds a sense of luxury and quiet.
High Gotham. Shermans Travel. Winter 2007