Little Camp Memorial at Buchenwald
Little Camp Memorial at Buchenwald
Weimar, , Germany
US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad
Architectural Design
This project consisted of a memorial for the site of the "Little Camp" of Buchenwald Concentration Camp, the site of the worst atrocities at Buchenwald. The memorial is intended to create a space for quiet contemplation, pensiveness and commemoration. The monument consists of a confined, rectangular 'room' defined by rough textured limestone walls to reflect the harshness of life in the camp. Visitors descend into the monument via a diagonal ramp which is an intentional departure from the ridged geometry of the extant foundations. Markers along the perimeter of the walls denote the deportation places of the camp's inmates. A recess in the walls contains a living tree growing out of an iron grate to symbolize the continuity of life after the pain and suffering inflicted on the site. The woods surrounding the site were purposefully left intact to signify forgetting and exclusion.
Design Award of Honor. Society of American Registered Architects, 2002
Denkenal erinnert an, Kleines Lagar. Weimarer Allgemeine (German). September 16th, 2000