Morgan Parc
Morgan Parc

Mineola, NY


Lalezarian Developers, Inc.


Architectural Design
Interior Design

Project Size

317,000 gsf

The design of Morgan Parc is inspired by the best traditions of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century mercantile buildings that were widespread throughout the northeast. Their major architectural features responded directly to the needs and functional requirements of the new industrial age and thus were a precursor to the modern movement which developed in subsequent decades. Their most distinguishing features included a repetitive, structural system that was often expressed on the exterior with brick piers that permitted the introduction of large windows that would maximize the amount of daylight required for the manufacturing process. Typically the exterior walls were built of brick, which at the time was the most utilitarian and economic material available. Very often the exuberance of the builders was expressed by intricate brick detailing that helped to humanize buildings that often have a scale to them.

Morgan Parc is a U-shaped building opening up the site to Second Street. The building center is a courtyard and event space in the heart of Mineola. The building is composed of a central tower at the far side of the square, flanked by two symmetrical wings, gradually stepping down from Front Street to the more pedestrian Second Street.

The approach to the building is from Second Street through the paver drive in the courtyard. Arriving at the corrugated glass and steel porte cochere, one enters the double heighted residential lobby at the center of the building. The tall first floor is occupied by retail tenants that fronts onto the arcaded courtyard and retail valet parking. The parking garage entrance and exit are on Front Street.

The masonry facades draw upon turn-of-the-century mill buildings whose architecture is expressed in their strong deep structural piers and intricate brick detailing. The building façade is composed of deep articulated masonry piers that extend the full height of the building, opening up at the ground floor to create a retail arcade that wraps the courtyard. Large industrial size window units span between the deep piers, flooding the apartments with natural light. The building is capped by glass-enclosed rooftop amenity spaces, an outdoor pool and terracing roofs overlooking Long Island’s expansive landscape below. The cascading roofs will also offer a landscaped public area for the residents, as well as private terraces adjacent to the apartments. The building’s three cellars contain parking for the building’s residents as well as attended parking for the retail valet.