Bankers Trust Building
Bankers Trust Building

14 Wall Street
Manhattan, NYC



Historic Preservation

The Banker Trust Company Building at 14 Wall Street was named after its original tenant and was commissioned by J.P. Morgan. The 41-story steel-framed, granite and limestone-clad skyscraper was among the tallest in Manhattan at the time of its 1912 construction. The pyramidal roof was inspired by the Campanile di San Marco in Venice. J.P. Morgan's private residence was housed on the 31st floor and he used the view to monitor shipments arriving in the New York Harbor. This project consists of the exterior restoration of this iconic New York City landmark. The repair work includes patching and pointing of the granite and limestone, caulking repairs, and abatement and roof replacement on the main roof, the multiple set-backs and ledges, as well as of the seven-story steeply stepped pyramid at the top of building.